Woodrow Phoenix talks to Gill Roth for the Virtual Memories Podcast, episode 389

Who’s driving whom? With Crash Course [published in the UK as Rumble Strip by Myriad Editions] British cartoonist, artist and designer Woodrow Phoenix examines what cars do to us: physically, mentally, and environmentally.

In Virtual Memories podcast episode 389, Gil Roth talks to Woodrow about the evolution of Crash Course, the stint in LA that inspired it, the visual and design choices that make it a haunting piece of art, and how he reconciles driving his Mini Cooper One.

Woodrow also discusses growing up in South London, what being Black means in the UK and US, his compulsion to experiment with styles, why he sticks with pencils and inks, and his typography and design background and how they inform the semiotics of Crash Course.

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