From surrendering to meltdowns, what being treated for addiction taught me about coping during lockdown

‘Eight and a half years ago I spent five weeks in quarantine, just outside London in an addictions treatment centre, in an attempt to give up drinking.

I’ll never forget that first, shocking week, when all the usual physical freedoms and emotional crutches were unceremoniously stripped away. I was not allowed a mobile phone or a computer, nor access to internet at any point. Meals were the same time every day, and snacks were strictly forbidden. There was no alcohol or caffeine, and nothing resembling a proper gym. Visitors were permitted, once a week, for just two hours. I could make one call, and take one walk each day, but neither for more than 30 minutes.

I raged and sobbed, a lot, in those five weeks, just as I have in these last three. Of course, it would be ridiculous to compare the enormous hardships that individuals and families are experiencing right now amidst Covid-19 to my rock bottom as an addict, or ensuing recovery….’

Read Lucy Fry’s article for iNews in full here. Lucy is author of Easier Ways to Say I Love You, available now.