The Women's Atlas, German edition

Hanser: “You have authored The Women’s Atlas since 1987 to great international acclaim. What are the longterm developments that strike you?

Joni: “I would say two main areas of change:
• feminist organizing has become more globally connected, which means there’s a lot more cross-national and cross-coalition lesson learning going on. This is particularly apparent around organizing against violence against women.
• the gender gap across all economic domains is becoming more visible and difficult for entrenched interests to sweep under the rug; this is true across the economic board, from increasing awareness of the gender gap in pay (which now needs to be accounted for and is made illegal in several countries) to an understanding that women’s labour, both paid and unpaid, is the backbone of most economies

Hanser interview Joni Seager to mark the publication of The Women’s Atlas in German. To see all available editions head HERE.