Graphic Reportage at International Women's Day

Artists and graphic novelists Ottilie Hainsworth and Hannah Eaton became graphic reporters at this year’s International Women’s Day event at Brighton Dome, running from one event to the next to capture as many as possible in artistic glory. They set up in the Founder’s Room with a dedicated artist space, allowing for those attending to take part and draw/write answers to a variety of tailor-written questions regarding wants, wishes and worries surrounding womanhood, then showcased their sketches from each event on a selection of easels.

The day was a total hit and featured a wonderful array of supportive charities, organisations and advocates for women’s rights.  Over 3000 people attended the event, The Feminist Bookshop had a huge pop-up shop and Myriad authors Ruth Figgest and Umi Sinha featured in an author talk on belonging. We were incredibly proud to be part of such a brilliant event and thank Brighton Women’s Centre for organising it.

Head over to our Facebook page to view an album of photographs and video’s taken of Hannah and Ottilie’s work.