Honorary Doctorate from the University of Iceland

Cynthia Enloe, research professor at Clark University in the United States, has been awarded an honorary doctoral degree at the University of Iceland’s Faculty of Languages and Cultures.

Her feminist teaching and research have explored the interplay of gendered politics in the national and international arenas, with special attention to how women’s labor is made cheap in globalized factories and how women’s emotional and physical labor has been used to support many governments’ war-waging policies—and how diverse women have tried to resist both of those efforts. Racial, class, ethnic and national identity dynamics, as well as ideas about femininities and masculinities, are common threads throughout her studies.

Cynthia Enloe’s most recent book is The Big Push: Exposing and Challenging the Persistence of Patriarchy, published by Myriad in October 2017.

Photograph by Kristinn Ingvarsson.