Ana Tewson-Bozic discusses the value of words with New Writing South

What are the challenges of your own life experiences, and do these present in your writing, as concerns, themes, ways of thinking about writing?

I write to help put words to difficult emotions, to explain a situation, or a mood, I do this to give the reader company in their neuroses, they can look to mine and see my useless guilts and shames, and feel perhaps easier about their own confessions, whether shared or secret. Or I do it so that others may understand my neuroses, if it does not resonate as their own moods do, if it does not relate to their own experience, at least mine can be examined. I have a mood disorder and feel heightened a lot, I write when a mood or situation becomes so heightened it needs to become rid of, to be exorcised onto a page. To be in stone, etched, as a testament to that experience. It is grubby and shameful, the space between ears and sometimes it can be translated into writing to become tangible, and shared.

New Writing South speak to one of the Spotlight series authors, Ana Tewson-Bozic, whose short story Crumbs was written during a psychotic episode.