Infographics and atlases

Our award-winning atlases are unique visual surveys of economic, political and social trends. By ingeniously transforming statistical data into valuable, user-friendly resources for general readers, students and professionals alike, they make accessible a range of global issues—from climate change to the Middle East.

Myriad sets a standard for quality, clarity, creativity and analysis. Our atlases are consistently well-reviewed and honoured with prestigious awards. They are also used by newspapers and magazines for value-added editorial. We have created bespoke thematic posters for a variety of publications, including the UK’s Independent, Ireland’s Sunday TribuneNew Scientist and Geographical Magazine.

Myriad’s core title is the definitive reference book on the way we live now, The State of the World Atlas. Originally devised by Michael Kidron and Ronald Segal, this infographic survey of current events and global trends was widely hailed as revolutionary in both form and content, marking a radical departure from conventional cartography. Now authored by leading international peace researcher Dan Smith OBE, it has sold over 700,000 copies in different languages around the world.

Myriad’s atlas series is sold worldwide through publishers including Penguin and the University of California Press in the USA, Earthscan and the New Internationalist in the UK, Fischer Taschenbuch in Germany,  Editions Autrement and Éditions Armand Colin in France, Maruzen in Japan, Publifolha in Brazil, Gleerups in Sweden, Sigma in Taiwan and Pajera in Thailand.

Myriad also offers our infographic expertise to a broader audience. Our highly skilled team of editors, designers and cartographers has developed a fast and highly effective way of conveying large amounts of information through the medium of the map. Drawing on over 20 years’ experience of creating special projects for the UN and other international organizations, we gather, analyse and creatively display data – in print and online – to help disseminate information for public benefit and provide tools to effect positive social change.

Our regular commissions reflect a track record of fruitful collaborations as well as the success of our atlas formula to provide remarkably cost-effective, reader-friendly and beautifully produced reference material. Myriad’s mapping concept has already proved to be a great success for The World Bank, UNICEF, WHO, the American Cancer Society, the CDC Foundation, FDI World Dental Federation and the Nile Basin Initiative.