Article for the Guardian

The Food of Love‘We must untangle the web of contradictions around breastfeeding… A focus on failure and guilt leaves little room for discussing the joy of feeding your baby.’

In an article for the Guardian, Kate writes about the challenges of, and the importance of making her voice heard on the joys of breastfeeding – also the subject of her graphic non-fiction title, The Food of Love.

Feature for the Independent

Kate Evans_Independent‘They have run all the tests. Like the majority of women with recurrent miscarriage, they have found nothing wrong with me. They don’t know why this is happening…’

Read Kate’s moving article for the Independent about her experience of miscarriage – an issue she also touches on in her books The Food of Love and Bump.

Guest post for Netmums

Kate Evans Bump page 142-143‘I had no idea, when I got pregnant, how different I would feel. I spent my time cocooned in a Zen-like fug of warm fuzzy feelings, which would be punctured at random intervals by spikes of rage or outbursts of weeping. Why did nobody warn me?’

In a guest blog post for Netmums, Kate explores and sympathises with the emotional rollercoaster many women experience during pregnancy.

Kate Evans

Cartoonist and activist Kate Evans has been marrying words and images for political effect for eighteen years. Her award-winning comic reportage crosses a huge range of topics, including her best-selling guide to breastfeeding, The Food of Love, its companion, BUMP: How to Make, Grow and Birth a Baby, and her graphic guide to climate change  Funny Weather, all published by Myriad. Her latest book, Don’t Call Me Princess!, was published by New Internationalist.

Her previous books include Copse, a cartoon history of the roads protest movement and Red Rosa, a graphic biography of Rosa Luxemburg. Her cartoons and comic strips have appeared in The Guardian and Independent, and many other publications. Her most comic Threads, a graphic report on her visit to the Calais refugee camp, has been made widely available.