Skepticality speaking: podcast with Darryl Cunningham

An illuminating discussion with Darryl Cunningham about his work in fact-based comics, and how, as a health care assistant, he decided to embrace his role as a cartoonist and take on the job of educating the public about misconceptions surrounding psychiatry, science, and even world financial affairs. Includes a preview of his forthcoming book, Graphic Science. Skepticality is the official radio show and podcast of Skeptic Magazine and the Skeptics Society.
Links to the podcast here. Darryl’s interview is about 17 minutes in.

Podcast by Inkstuds at Gosh Comics

Listen here to Darryl Cunningham talking with architect-cartoonist Alison Sampson and writer James McKelvie, interviewed at London’s GOSH comic shop in November 2014 by host Robin McConnell, for the influential Inkstuds international radio show about comics.

Article for the New Statesman

New StatesmanIn an exclusive article for New Statesman, entitled ‘Why Ayn Rand is still relevant (And dangerous)’ , Darryl discusses the argument at the core of his latest work of graphic journalism, Supercrash: How to hijack the global economy (read full article).

‘My book starts with Ayn Rand. I wanted to write about Rand, because I felt if I could understand her, I could get to the heart of what has gone wrong in Western politics over the past three decades, and at the same time, define my own beliefs more thoroughly.’


Feature for Forbidden Planet

Darryl Cunningham Science Tales page 132-133Why did I choose to add material to the new editions of both Psychiatric Tales and Science Tales, I hear you ask? It wasn’t a deliberate choice. It was a decision that came out of a series of events…’

Darryl talks to Joe Gordon at Forbidden Planet about the new, expanded editions of his graphic non-fiction titles.

Interview with Indie Reader

Graphic Novel SampleIn an interview with Indie Reader, Darryl tells of how he first broke into the world of comics.

‘I’ve always drawn, ever since I was a boy. I wanted to write. I had these two skills. It seemed obvious to me that I should combine the two things I enjoyed doing the most…’ Full interview here.

Illustrated feature for the Observer

Climate Change‘There is a prejudice, usually held by people who haven’t read one, that the graphic format is unsuited to tackling weighty subjects, but the form abounds with examples to the contrary… Far from being a frivolous medium, the graphic book is a great way of getting to grips with serious issues, Cunningham says. ‘It summarises things very quickly and you can plough through a lot of information. I love the simplicity of it.”

Darryl discusses the benefits of the graphic form, as featured in the Observer.

Podcast interview with The POD Delusion

The POD DelusionListen to Darryl talking about his investigative graphics title, Science Tales, in an interview with Lisa Chalkley for weekly UK podcast programme, The Pod Delusion. Darryl’s feature begins at 57 minutes into the programme – listen here.