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MB: 'Often, I’m at events or on panels and I ask the audience how many people want to be a writer, and everybody’s...Continue reading Margaret Busby: What it takes to be the first Black Woman Publisher in the UK

Kate Charlesworth, author of Sensible Footwear: A Girl's Guide has been cheering up the masses by sharing archived comic strips, starting with 'Plain Tales From the Bars'. To...Continue reading Plain Tales From the Bars by Kate Charlesworth

'Growing up, most of us probably had that one friend, who we were very fond of but who somehow, wittingly or not, made...Continue reading Literandra short story review: ‘A Very Young Judge’ by Leila Aboulela


Triple #SPOTLIGHT review in @NBmagazineUK

Find out more: @gigiaboud @taragouldy @newwritingsouth @CreativeF_uture


The team at #Literandra have been hosting extracts from #NewDaughtersOfAfrica to celebrate the paperback publication. Check out @NawalElSaadawi1's essay ‘About Me in Africa—Politics and Religion in my Childhood’

Signed copy:

When you see your cover quote next to *those* people’s cover quotes on a graphic novel and you know you might as well just embrace that impostor syndrome with the most loving intimacy.

(Hannah Eaton’s BLACKWOOD is coming soon from @MyriadEditions and it’s very good!)

'Crossing continents made me a writer'

Check out this piece by Eva Hoffman which appears in full in #BraveNewWords edited by @WasafiriMag's @susheila_nasta. More info: via @JewishChron

'#TheWolfofBaghdad is a... lament for a lost homeland & way of life: a wistful deliberation on why bad things happen & on how words pictures & music can turn back the years and make the longed for momentarily real and true.' @TSMCartoons @TurnaroundComix

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