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In a 'Postcard from Singapore’, Elaine Chiew talks about Singlit (Singaporean literature) and the role history has played on the development...Continue reading Elaine Chiew on BBC Radio 4: Open Book

Marie Claire asked  Samantha Williams, campaigner and founder of independent multicultural book supplier This is Book Love to hand-pick a selection...Continue reading Marie Claire and This is Book Love choose New Daughters of Africa to educate the masses.

MB: 'Often, I’m at events or on panels and I ask the audience how many people want to be a writer, and everybody’s...Continue reading Margaret Busby: What it takes to be the first Black Woman Publisher in the UK

'...exciting, intriguing, moving' – @Rebecca_Writer

Have you pre-ordered your signed hardback of @TylerKeevil's #YourStillBeatingHeart yet? Order now and get it before it hits the shops! @turnarounduk #fridayreads

A reminder: I have personally signed/sketched stickers for you to put in your copy of CRASH COURSE. You can get one via self-addressed envelope to @streetnoisebook or ask to add it to yr next book purchase from a friendly bookshop.

Katie Rickard@sskatierickard

Took your suggestion @TheWarOnCars and bought the book before listening to the episode with @mrphoenix - looking forward to both!

thanks to @auntiesbooks for having it on the shelf!

Triple #SPOTLIGHT review in @NBmagazineUK

Find out more: @gigiaboud @taragouldy @newwritingsouth @CreativeF_uture

'#TheWolfofBaghdad is a... lament for a lost homeland & way of life: a wistful deliberation on why bad things happen & on how words pictures & music can turn back the years and make the longed for momentarily real and true.' @TSMCartoons @TurnaroundComix


Interview with @hannahvincent22 & @JanetEmson

'My most fulfilling experiences as a published writer have been the conversations I’ve had with readers who respond to my characters as if they are real-life people'

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