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The Women’s Atlas

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‘Nobody should be without this book’ —Gloria Steinem

This groundbreaking book of infographics is an invaluable resource on the status of women around the world today.

World events demonstrate the importance of understanding how women live across continents and cultures, and show that equality for women isn’t only a women’s issue: when women fulfil their potential, everyone benefits.

Completely updated and redesigned, this new edition of Joni Seager’s award-winning classic examines the status of women worldwide — the advances they have made and the distances still to be travelled. With vivid graphics and pithy text, it is a comprehensive and accessible analysis of up-to-the-minute global data on the key issues facing women today: equality, motherhood, feminism, the culture of beauty, women at work, women in the global economy, changing households, domestic violence, lesbian rights, women in government, and more.

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