The Book of Sarah

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Distilled from thousands of diary drawings begun in her parents’ garden shed back in 1996, Sarah Lightman's The Book of Sarah is an alternative bible to the one she moved away from, along with the religious Jewish lifestyle she followed as a teenager.

Whether it is recording the empty dining room chair where her late grandfather no longer sits, inheriting handmade lace from a great-great-aunt she has never met, or contemplating her future by filling an empty egg-box with eggs, Sarah Lightman’s fine pencil drawings, with a minimal, exquisite and often witty commentary, juxtapose the joy and sadness that make up our everyday lives, transforming them into a personal, universal and quietly subversive narrative to which we can all respond.

The theme of exile-inspired-creativity forms the backdrop of her visual autobiography, as the narrative moves from childhood sibling rivalries through to schoolgirl misery, adolescent religious fervour and beyond, charting heartbreak, comfort-eating, deaths, separations, and the big Jewish wedding.

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