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Living With It

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Lizzie Enfield’s compelling new novel explores the hearts and minds of ordinary people as they struggle to come to terms with the choices they’ve made. Acutely observed and utterly gripping, it explores love and loss, guilt and recovery, with humour, honesty and page-turning prose.

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One-year-old Iris is deaf. Her parents, Ben and Maggie, are devastated. So are their close friends Isobel and Eric.

Isobel knows that her decision, taken years ago, not to have her own children vaccinated against measles is to blame for Iris’s deafness. And Ben knows this too. To make matters worse, Isobel is the woman he fell in love with in his twenties – the woman who married his best friend. As he and Maggie start legal proceedings, Isobel’s world begins to unravel.

Anne Cater

Lizzie Enfield has produced a cleverly woven story of family intricacies and the politics of friendship with the topical and controversial subject of the MMR vaccine.
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Fiveways Directory

Living With It is a clever, subtle, multi-layered novel which, as a parent, I found both chilling and gripping. You don't need to have children of your own, however, to find yourself quickly immersed in this rich and complex tale of ordinary people battling extraordinary circumstances.


The strength of the writing lies in the secondary characters whose perceptions and experiences are deftly used to demonstrate opposing points of view. These perceptive passages explain how there are no right or wrong answers, there is only the choice you make at the time. The denouement of this perfectly pitched novel features a breathtaking twist that reinforces everything that has gone before. Highly recommended.
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Catherine Smith

I loved Living With It. What a brave and timely book.

We Love This Book

A highly provocative and thought-provoking novel... Lizzie Enfield has produced a superb examination of one of the most contentious of recent issues, exploring both sides of a morally ambiguous coin and the wider impact of the decisions we make.
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Living with it

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